Think about how your organization generate revenue. Here are four areas you might consider where we can add value quickly.

Are there market segments with potential buyers you haven't found yet?

The External Market Audit involves interviewing potential customers to develop a deep understanding of their needs and actual purchasing behavior. This process looks behind what prospects say to uncover their true needs and motivations. When we profile the customers who are motivated to buy, we can identify the market segments where they can be found.

Are sales to new or existing customers lost because administration reduces communication?

The Internal Process Audit identifies how sales, marketing, design and project management functions work together to meet customer needs. We will coach your people who deal with the customer to maximize communication while minimizing administration and internal politics.

What does your brand, website and collateral say about your company and its products?

Controlling how the market perceives you is critical to building your business. The Customer Cultivator system seeks to find consistency in your communication with the market from your field sales team, your promotional material, and your website. We will help you control the market's perception of you.

Is there a cost-effective way of attracting a potentially interested audience?

Marketing to attract new business doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. Cost-effective marketing is achieved by focusing your promotion and prospecting efforts on high-return techniques aimed at your most profitable targets.