Two top US Banks ($26B and $53B in assets) wanted to increase market share in regional markets.

Solution: Developed sales processes from analysis of best practices and trained commercial lenders to implement. We developed and implemented a telemarketing program that led to a 5% increase in regional market share.

Localization and Internationalization company needed lead generation system and a way to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Solution: Engineered growth plan with new brand identity, market positioning and lead generation system and sales conversion system.

Tradeshow management company experienced a downturn in booth and advertising sales.

Solution: Designed custom sales management process. Identified process efficiencies between sales and marketing departments to decrease time-waste and increase conversion.

Software developer needed to bring in new business.

Solution: Developed and launched custom lead generation system. Identified and prioritized suspects and created pitch and direct mail marketing campaign. Increased client's customer pipeline by 500 percent and sold first two customers in first three weeks with the new program ($1.0MM in revenue).

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