About the Firm:

Customer Cultivator has a highly diverse team of seasoned executives ready to apply their experience and knowledge to benefit clients. Our principals have run companies, raised money for startups, bought and sold companies, designed and marketed global brands, managed Fortune 500 sales organizations, developed and launched new products and assembled long-term business development agreements. This foundation of skills makes us well positioned to understand your needs, offer unique and thoughtfully considered solutions, and execute flawlessly to ensure fast results for you.

Management Team:

Alden C. Purrington III (Chip)

Chip Purrington has16 years of expertise in building companies and getting them financed, positioning them, enabling marketing and sales process innovation, launching new products and developing new markets. With experience working within companies at various lifecycle stages from established global Fortune 500 companies to technology startups, he has developed process, tools and perspective to help client grow and become recognized performers.

Mr. Purrington understands complexities and the unique challenges companies in diverse industries face. As Principal of Customer Cultivator, Mr. Purrington has coached business leaders to improve business origination and retention. This includes developing customized process, training staff and implementing reinforcement programs to ensure consistent results. Clients include Citizens Bank, Banknorth, TAC Worldwide and others in localization, software, personalization, healthcare, retail and professional services companies.

Mr. Purrington's hands-on management experience is a skill and perspective he draws upon for clients to ensure funding success. As a Vice President at Magnitude Network, a technology startup, he designed and implemented business strategy, ran marketing and sales to create revenue stability, and managed rapid product development. This led to a significant investment from CMGI and a number two position in the market.

With a solid understanding of what makes big brands successful, Mr. Purrington's in-company leadership resulted in revenue generation and value creation for established brands including Mattel, Disney, Cadillac, Quaker Oats and the Stroh Brewery Company.

Mr. Purrington earned an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA in Psychology from Bates College.

Margo Johnson

Margo Johnson is a 17-year veteran of the design profession as well as a leading experience design strategist. Margo's expertise is in customer experience design and is recognized for her design methods using collaborative discovery.

Margo partners with businesses and organizations to empower business strategy through innovative visual and conceptual design, user experience analysis and design, product development and brand marketing for convergent media.

As Creative Director at Leapnet, Inc., Margo directed teams to define creative strategies for large-scale web development and online marketing for American Airlines, MSNBC, Microsoft Encarta, CBS Sportsline, Morningstar and The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. She designed the online presence for American Airlines (aa.com) which became an icon of user experience design for Internet usability studies.

At CKS Interactive, Margo led creative teams on projects for Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, General Motors and Fujitsu. She created broadcast design projects for CBS Television, designed print projects for Warner Bros Records and taught design courses at USC and design colleges in Los Angeles.

A recipient of numerous awards, Margo is known for her independently published book, Hybrid Digital Typefaces, and is published in Graphis, Emigre, Designing Web Usability, Hypertext Now, Digital Type, Typography Now 2, The 100 Show and Metropolis. She earned a BFA from The University of Michigan and a graduate degree, MFA from California Institute of the Arts.

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